“Wake up!
Wake up to Love.
Get to know the Love within you and experience the infinite power that resides in your Heart.
Let Love guide you from the darkness of confusion into the light of contentment and bliss.”



Perhaps you are unsure of what you are here to do and what serves you best?
What you are here to do and what serves you best, is to love.
When you live from the Heart, you love.
It is as simple as that.



All that is required of you is to be true to yourself so that you can live in a more meaningful and authentic way.
To be true to yourself means to live from your Heart thus letting your Inner Love find expression in your outer world.
When you grant yourself the freedom to live from the Heart,
nothing can be a hindrance or obstacle to your existence becoming more harmonious, joyful and fulfilling.



You yearn to love and be loved and define “True Love” as the love for another.
Yet, True Love is so much more than that!
It is the love for ALL Life.
You are Life too.
Have you included yourself in your declarations of love lately?



Listening to your Intuition is the first step toward accepting and validating the greatness within you.
An invaluable asset on your quest for happiness and fulfilment, your Intuition must not be underestimated.
It is your ability to ascertain what is true and real and what benefits you or humanity now and in the future.
What is true and real and what benefits you and humanity is Love and it is right here, in your Heart.
Its creative capacity is unlimited.



Having gratitude for everything you have and can do, no matter how little that may be, will pave the way for it to multiply.



As painful as the past might have been, you will fare well to acknowledge it and accept responsibility for your part in it.
Dwelling in it is not recommended for the past is no more.
What is, is you and the Present, with a future that is still shrouded in mist.
Since the future is only created in the present, create it from a place of Love
for your happiness, fulfilment and well-being rather than from a place of fear that you cannot have what you deserve.



Why not make Love the primary motivation for your heart's desires to manifest?
Then go about your daily routine and wait without waiting and complaining if their manifestation is not instantaneous.
Those who wait without waiting and who do not wallow in resentment but accept their absence as merely temporary or not in their best interest,
are far more aware of the signs and the steps they need to take along the way.



When you observe your thoughts and find that they are negative and fearful you might like to ask yourself if they contain any truth and whether they serve you, or anybody else, for that matter?
If they don't, you are at liberty to first refuse their acceptance and secondly, to change them.
That is how powerful you are.



Your actions are a result of your thoughts.
Loving thoughts invariably inspire loving actions.



Love has no limitations.
It is the human being that places limitations upon Love.
And yet, only Love is the key to the door leading to a better future for you and humanity.
Turning it and opening the door is a matter of choice and entirely up to you.



Your Heart is You.
When you listen to your Heart and act according to inner truth, your life will unfold naturally and open up like a beautiful flower that has waited patiently for its designated time to blossom.