Life – yours, mine and everybody else's - unfolds in accordance with two types of choices: those that contribute to and lead us to greater happiness, fulfilment, wellbeing and prosperity and those that don't. The former are choices we make directly from the Heart and with love for all the things or attributes we want to manifest in our lives and accordingly instruct our mind to carry out the relevant tasks. The latter tend to be made only when we let the mind interfere and allow it to become our master, rather than our servant.

Perhaps like me, you have been there? You were inspired to do something that aroused your passion and that you felt with every fibre of your body was absolutely right and perfect, but then... then you started thinking about it in greater detail. You examined and analysed accumulative or isolated past experiences (yours as well as other people's) and probably discussed your ideas or options with your friends or partner to get their view and advice as well as their verification. After carefully speculating on all the likely as well as unlikely outcomes, you made certain assumptions and eventually talked yourself out of doing what you so yearned to do and either did nothing or ended up doing something completely different, something that seemed more “logical”. On the flip side, you might have talked yourself into doing something despite knowing in your heart that it was not what you wanted to do. If this is so, then like me you probably regretted it afterward and vowed that you would never ever again ignore your inner wisdom. Maybe, also like me, you forgot your promise and continued repeating the age-old and dysfunctional pattern of not honouring the knowledge that is embedded deep within every human being of what serves us individually and mankind as a whole at any given moment.

But why do we do that when, on reflection, there surely is ample proof that everything turned out for the best when we acted in accordance with what we felt in the core of our being? It is because on occasions we simply do not trust what within the core of our being we know is true, actual and factual because intellectually it may not make any sense. To put it differently, the underlying motivation for not proceeding with doing or saying what we feel is right at any given time, often tends to be an underlying fear, which quite cleverly comes in many guises, some so very subtle that they are barely recognisable as such. Unfortunately, though, it is lack of trust or fear that separates us from our greatest power and who we are and can be, because decisions taken from the heart are always authentic as they are invariably based on Love and Truth and never on fear.

In one of the articles I came across there is mention that some of the ancient cultures, including the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Babylonians and Greeks, saw the heart as being responsible for influencing and directing our emotions as well as our decision making ability. Similar views of the heart as a source of great intelligence are said to also be found in Hebrew, Christian, Chinese, Hindu and Islamic traditions. In Yoga tradition the heart is described as the seat of individual consciousness and the centre of life, whereas in traditional Chinese Medicine the heart is seen as the connection between mind and body.

In the unborn human foetus the heart starts beating before the brain has been formed and neuro-scientists have not that long ago discovered that amazingly the heart has its very own independent and rather complex nervous system. Made up of several types of neurons, neuro-transmitters, proteins and support cells it is referred to as the “ Brain in the Heart”. The number of neurons or nerve cells (some 40,000) in the heart almost tallies with the number located in certain areas of the brain and the scientific evidence found implies that the heart uses various methods to be in constant communication with both, the body and the brain.

While operating independently from the brain itself, it forwards to it easily to understand messages and thus plays an important part in the processing of information and attainment of mental clarity as well as our responses to outside stimulus and how we perceive ourselves and our environment. Moreover, it significantly influences the body's physiological systems.

Scientists have furthermore concluded that by the heart sending emotional and intuitive signals to the brain, emotional balance and creativity are also affected. Besides that, they found that the heart – how this happens is not clear - receives accurate information about future events and outcomes before they take place and before this information reaches the brain. Indeed, they have also surmised that it is the intelligence of the heart, and not that of the brain or mind/intellect, which is behind every insight, intuitive thought or feeling we experience. According to scientists, the heart also plays a major role in “Consciousness” and taking into consideration the modern-day gadgets that divert our attention and that a person has an average of 60,000 thoughts per day (the majority of which, apparently, negative) it could be said that the conscious mind is seldom conscious. In contract, the heart always is because it is entirely focused in the present. Ergo, in our hearts we are far more aware of any appropriate course of action we have to initiate than we are in our brain. It surely must be the very source of inspiration and innate wisdom as we are always alerted to whatever step we need to take to get us closer to the attainment of our goals and that can only happen when Heart and Mind or Intellect work in unison.

There is a saying that “Life is what we make it” and Quantum physicists and Meta-physicists have deduced that individually as well as collectively, we are all the creators of our reality. Therefore we are equally as responsible not just for the decisions and choices we make – minor or major – but also for their outcomes or consequences, some of which may be far reaching and shaping our beliefs, which ultimately affect our choices. Whereas choices made in the past cannot be changed, especially those made on our behalf when we were children or adolescents, those that we make as adults right now at this very moment will determine both positive and negative changes as well as future occurrences. So, whether we like it or not, life tends to be exactly as it should be. It cannot be any other way.

We go to great lengths to develop the mind and are constantly bombarded with a huge amount of information, some of which superfluous to our happiness, well being and prosperity. Rarely are we encouraged, let alone taught to acknowledge and make use of what I call “ Heart Centred Intelligence”, a reliable and utterly trustworthy source of unmatched intelligence which is innate in every one of us. That source, so I believe, is Love. Not Love as a human emotion but rather as another, invisible, yet totally authentic Self that co-exists alongside the physical being. The sole function and purpose of this Self so it seems, is to assist us in our plight to reduce stress, alleviate sickness and diminish disease and to restore peace and harmony within ourselves and in our environment. Given the turbulent and uncertain times we live in, could it be that some of our decisions have been made unilaterally, bypassing Heart Centred Intelligence and we have reached a point where Living from the Heart is the only way to create stability and long lasting peace on this earth?

Cornelia J. Glynn London 2013