Cornelia is a retired Healer and Homoeopath who has a vast array of knowledge on the topic of healing gained through personal experience and extensive research. Born in East Germany her family fled from the Stasi and settled in Frankfurt , West Germany , where she lived until moving to London 40 years ago.

She worked mostly in the music industry, but had always been on a quest to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of life and the human mind. Having often been told that she had healing hands, a Kirlian photograph taken at the Festival of Mind and Body in 1978 confirmed that she possessed powerful healing abilities and she was asked to give a demonstration on a member of the public. Cornelia knew nothing about the young man other than that he had chronic knee pain and as she placed her hands on the affected knee, she was utterly amazed at the most awesome energy and light that flowed through them. This was accompanied by visions of him being accidentally kicked by a member of the opposite team while playing Rugby , something he verified at the end of the session.

What she experienced affected her profoundly but besides her ambitions laying elsewhere and having a dismissive partner, she was soon after diagnosed with Cervical Cancer, requiring immediate surgery. Five years on severely precancerous cells were found and she intuitively resorted to non-conventional approaches and healed herself. It marked the beginning of her journey as a healer. Practising on friends and colleagues and researching the subject in depth, she realised that the body never lies as it stores memories of past events and emotions. Fascinated with the intricate relationship between mind/emotions and the body and the possible causes of illness and disease, Cornelia became a Homoeopath, combining Holistic science with a hands-on approach until Homoeopathy as a profession, though not as a holistic treatment method lost its appeal. She resumed work in the media industry part-time while continuing to see clients for healing and later followed a calling to the Hawaiian Islands . There she attended a course in the Huna philosophy and was also introduced to an ancient form of healing massage, which she subsequently practiced and taught until a brain haemorrhage and Near Death or out of body experience dramatically reshaped her life and her future. Severely incapacitated, she had no idea how long it would take her to recover, or that her recovery would be marred by a further bleed and a major breakdown. All she did know was that she would have to write a book once she was well again.

“The Power of Love – a Transformational Guide to Living from the Heart ” is a compilation of some of the most poignant messages Cornelia felt compelled to write to herself when she was at her lowest and questioned the reason for her existence. Always profoundly wise, loving and encouraging, never disparaging or judging, they were conveyed to her directly from her heart, also known as the Centre of Love. She discovered within her a source of supreme intelligence that had never ceased to steer her in the direction of long term happiness and fulfilment. That source is inherent in everyone. With the passage of time she grasped the importance of what she had learned and accepted that she had been given another chance to do what she often hadn't done and which she believes we are all here to do: to listen to our Heart. Only then can we create and live life from a place of Love, Authenticity and Unlimited Power, individually as well as collectively.